Introducing The Circle:

a digital sister circle by black girl in om

Black Girl In Om introduces Divine Disruption: The Circle 1.0, a digital sister circle for our global community. Offering a beta experience of our membership platform, The Circle, we invite 250 black women and women of color to join us in leaning into the unlimited growth opportunities, spiritual awakenings, and community support possibilities that this unprecedented moment in history affords us. 

Starting April 25th, within the New Moon energy, community members enrolled in Divine Disruption will launch into a  journey of embracing that this moment we’re in is for us, not against us. Inclusive of the following themes, each week will provide an intentionally curated blueprint for healing and expansion.

Week One — Breaking the Shell 

Week Two — Setting your Intention 

Week Three — Moving from Spirit

Week Four — Expanding Beyond Limitations 

Week Five — Claiming Radical Self-Love through Joy, Nurturing, and Community 

The Circle provides members with daily journaling prompts, weekly thought exercises, a live, weekly guided meditation led by BGIO practitioners, an enriching conversation with a special guest teacher, newsletter recaps and bonus content.    

  • Core Intention I

    We provide a safe space for black women and women of color to practice breathing easy amidst uncertain and unprecedented times.

  • Core Intention II

    We cultivate a nourishing experience promoting personal growth, spiritual awakening, and community support in intentional response, not reaction, to the present, global crisis.

  • Core Intention III

    We spark conscious and subconscious healing.

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Community Gratitude

"The fact that BGIO created a space that we could trust ourselves to be so vulnerable was amazing. Not to mention the amount of knowledge dropped. I left feeling empowered and transformed." — Lexus, BGIO Community Member

Our 5-Week Journey

  • 1

    Welcome to The Circle: Divine Disruption

    • Welcome To The Circle: Divine Disruption

    • Here's What To Expect

    • Schedule + Instructors

    • Divine Disruption Playlist

    • Special Welcome Message from Lauren Ash

    • Words of affirmation as we begin.

    • This Weeks Journal Prompts and Thought Exercises

    • Bonus: Audio Affirmation to Support Your Expansion

    • Frequently Asked Questions

  • 2

    Week 1: Breaking the Shell

    • Invitation to Reflect: Welcome Week Survey

    • [VIDEO] Week 1 Live Guided Meditation with Lauren Ash

    • Introduction to Breaking The Shell

    • Playlist for This Week's Journaling

    • This Week's Journal Prompts and Thought Exercises

    • Bonus: Audio Meditation to Support Your Stillness

  • 3

    Week 2: Setting your Intention

    • Invitation to Reflect: Week 1 - Breaking The Shell Survey

    • [VIDEO] Week 2 Live Guided Meditation with Akudo Mez

    • Introduction to Setting Your Intention with Akudo Mez

    • This Week's Journal Prompts and Thought Exercises

    • Bonus: Values Worksheet

  • 4

    Week 3: Moving from Spirit

    • Invitation to Reflect: Week 2 -- Setting Your Intention Survey

    • NEW FEATURE: Submit A Testimonial

    • NEW FEATURE: The Circle Community Area

    • [VIDEO] Week 3 Live Guided Meditation with Paige Willis

    • Introduction to Moving From Spirit Audio Message from Paige Willis

    • Playlist for This Week's Journal Prompts

    • This Week's Journal Prompts and Thought Exercises

  • 5

    Week 4: Expanding Beyond Limitations

    • Invitation to Reflect: Week 3 -- Moving From Spirit Survey

    • [VIDEO] Week 4 Live Experience with special guest, Rachel Cargle

    • This Week's Journal Prompts and Thought Exercises

    • Bonus: Using Music to Process Emotions

    • NEW FEATURE: Submit A Testimonial

    • NEW FEATURE: The Circle Community Area

  • 6

    Week 5: Claiming Radical Self-Love through Joy, Nurturing, and Community

    • Invitation to Reflect: Week 4 -- Expanding Beyond Limitations

    • NEW FEATURE: Submit a Testimonial

Yours to keep

Beyond the five weeks, here's the lasting impact this journey will provide for you.

  • Clarity of intention for your life and personal healing journey

  • New (and renewed!) practices and rituals for holistic wellbeing

  • A meaningful connection to a global sisterhood in deep alignment with who you are unfolding into


We'll be led by BGIO wellness practitioners: Lauren, Akudo, and Paige.

Founder, Black Girl In Om

Lauren Ash

Lauren Ash has clarity about her purpose ⁠— she’s here to expand the consciousness of black women and women of color. Since founding Black Girl In Om in 2014, her vision has led to the creation of transformational experiences and content that radically centers and authentically speaks to a historically and consistently marginalized global community. Lauren’s contributions to the world ultimately reflect what she once needed and didn’t see. As a meditation and yoga teacher, Lauren centers compassionate presence, unconditional love, and intention. Lauren has repeatedly been recognized as a trailblazer in the contemporary wellness movement.

Wellness Practitioner + Community Maven

Paige Willis

Paige is a St. Louis-raised, Chicago-based yoga instructor and lover of storytelling, curating playlists and playing violin. Through BGIO, Paige has been able to commune with and be empowered by other women of color. Her intention as an instructor is to help cultivate creativity, connection, and celebration of self within others.

Wellness Practitioner + Community Manager

Akudo Mez

Akudo is a Chicago based yoga instructor. The connection between community care and self-care as they relate to communities of color are a motivating force for her. Akudo uses yoga, mindfulness, and breath work to encourage health and wellness, self-discovery, and presence on and off the mat. Often her classes bring about feelings of joy, strength, and awareness. You can find her work with Black Girl In Om, Healthy Hood Chicago, and various pop-ups in Chicago.

Now is the time: join us.

We are ready to journey with you in The Circle. Are you?

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Our Mission

Black Girl In Om exists to hold and catalyze healing within black women around the world on their unique journeys towards wholeness. We support the necessary transformation, spiritual awakening, consciousness shifts, and intergenerational healing occurring within the diaspora.

Our Vision

A world where womxn of color are liberated, empowered, and seen.

BGIO inspires us.

by Lalah Delia, author of Vibrate Higher Daily

BGIO is a rock in my life. It has allowed for more remembrance of who we are as black women; we can be graceful, support our sisters, take care of ourselves, feel our feelings, and breathe easy while doing it. This is the reality that BGIO inspires us to live and thrive in.

Vital Sanctuary

Lindsey Day, co-founder & EIC of CRWN

Black Girl In Om is a vital sanctuary for today's Black woman, championing and guiding our journey toward healing and self-love. They've truly paved the way in modeling a nuanced and holistic approach to wellness, all with a beautifully refreshing aesthetic.

Reminding us of our power.

Sara Clark

Black Girl In Om is a rare gem as one of the few safe spaces specifically and mindfully curated for women of color. From wellness to wokeness, BGIO is a beautiful platform designed to remind us of our beauty and power while providing offerings that are accessible to all. What more could you ask for?


  • How long is the journey? And what are the dates?

    Five weeks. We kick off on April 25th and close on May 30th. While we encourage you to keep up with the journey as we present it—with daily journal questions, weekly live meditations + talks, and bonus content—you are also welcome to take this journey at your own pace. You may, for example, watch the live recordings of the weekly meditations + talks when you desire, choose to journal your responses for the weekly questions in one afternoon, etc. We encourage you to trust the flow that life brings as we journey through Divine Disruption together.

  • How much is this membership?

    Divine Disruption: The Circle 1.0 is offered at a one-time fee of $44.00 USD.

  • I want it for longer! Why is it only five weeks?

    This is a pilot program. We will launch the full scale offering this summer. Joining now gets you in faster and ensures we invite you first for when we launch later.

  • Is this journey centered on a particular theme?

    Yes: Divine Disruption. Each week, we journey into an aspect of this. Be sure to browse the weekly topics above!

  • May I join at any time?

    No, enrollment to the journey will close at 250 people and by April 24th, 2020 at the latest.

  • I have a more personal question; how may I get in touch?

    We would love to hear from you, message us today:

  • May I invest in an annual membership, too?

    Not for the pilot program, but at the close of The Circle 1.0: Divine Disruption, you will receive an exclusive invitation to participate in the pre-sale for the official launch of The Circle this summer.

  • What’s your cancellation and refund policy?

    All sales are final. Should you have something come up preventing you from joining us, please email

  • I’m not a black woman, nor a woman of color, but I’d love to support! How may I do so?

    We appreciate that you honor the spaces that black and women of color need to feel safe and supported. Please consider purchasing an experience for a friend, or, contributing funds to our scholarship effort.